Wow! what a wonderful four days!

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Our first stop in Idaho was at Twin Falls in the alpine desert here the temperature reached 100 degrees.

Twin Falls, Harley Davidson

Yes, it really did reach 100 degrees

A visit to Twin Falls had to include a visit to the waterfalls plus the Evil Knievel canyon jump site and memorial which had been on our bucket list for some years.

Evil knievil, Harley Davidson, Harley , Twin Falls

Mel dreaming he is Evil Knievil


Evil Knievil monument , Twin Falls, Harley Davidson, Harley, roadtrip

Mel dreaming he is Evil Knievil


Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

At last Idaho Falls and our three day visit with the parents of a friend of our daughter. Little did we know what was install for us!

I have never fired a weapon so it was off  to a private shooting range where we shot targets with a .22 then a .30 apparently powerful enough to bring down a bear. That thing demolished the targets. Finally clay pigeons with a shotgun. The shoulder still aches but what a great afternoon it was. Oh yes! I bulls eyed and took down (weapons talk) a couple of clay pigeons.


Mel showing off his bulls eyes

Mel showing off his bulls eyes

Our next adventure was white water rafting on the Snake river which flows down from Yellowstone National Park. Another first for us and it sure got the juices flowing as we made our way to the “”Big Kahuna” and then the “California” rapids. The snow melt water was icy as we churned our way through. Successfully negotiated it was all paddles in the air for a paddle slap (white water rafting talk). The sun came out the cold left our bodies and the adrenalin slowly eased.

To complete a wonderful three day visit our wonderful hosts took us on a drive through their local places. We visited the enchanting cabin of  Johnny Sack. Johnny built the cabin and all the furniture by hand.

Johnny Slack's Water Wheel

Johnny Sack’s Water Wheel

Johnny Sack

Johnny Sack

Johnny Sack,

Chris and Mel outside Johnny Sack’s cabin

We also visited the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls

Upper Mesa Falls

A huge thank you to Justin, Laurie and daughter Elyssa for their kind and generous hospitality, three days that we will always remember.


On the road again Stugis in sight!!!

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