Goodbye Reno, Hello Desert

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Harley Davidson, Harley. on the way to Sturgis, motor bike, motor cycle, roadtrip

Goodbye Reno, three days of riding east then north then east again in increasing heat. Towns came and went, Fernley, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, and Elko. Turning north off Interstate 80 at Wells the road went from dual carriage way to single.

Harley Davidson, Harley, roadtrip, on the way to Sturgis, motorbike , motorcycle

Shadows in the desert

Mel and I had psyched ourselves up for this part of our trip, thinking that crossing the desert would be extremely hot and very uncomfortable riding.  We had even purchased evaporative   jackets to wear to keep our body temperatures down a bit and planned to rise early and be off the road by early afternoon when the heat really has a “bite”. Well we certainly wore these jackets, but to keep ourselves warm, it was quite chilly!

For me as a pillion on the bike riding across the desert was almost a bit of a spiritual experience, lots of time to think and reflect on life. At one time in the early morning riding the sun was trying to peep through the cloud cover and the rays of the sun came beaming down onto a mountain. I could almost vision Moses standing on mountain and God giving him the ten commandments. As I said lots of time crossing the desert for a over excited imagination.

Sun Rays

Sun Rays


Pulling into our Best Western Hotel early gave us lots of time to socialize with other guests. One afternoon we sat on the stairs and had a wonderful discussion with fellow riders about the similarities and differences between America and Australia. Australia’s health care system is often a topic that is asked about.


Mel pretending at the Museum in Elko

We left these terrific Americans they were riding down to El Passo and us onto Sturgis.

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